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Marta (Madhú)




You can call me Madhú, meaning bee nectar in Bali, Island of the Gods where the name was given to me by my beloved healer Tjokorda Rai. 

I was born December 11 of 1974 in Barcelona, Spain.

I'm a tiger, sagittarius, ascendent pisces and moon in scorpio. In mayan astrology i'm a peacock. 

My family name is Marta Lasheras,. I have been coaching artists for the last three years since i decided to fusion all my experience and skills: communication, advertising, wellness, yoga and coaching consultant expertise and offer my own coaching methodology for artists. I believe as an artist myself that soulful art is the foundation of genuine and everlasting happiness and grace.

I love to practice yoga everyday, it makes me feel connected to my body, soul and mamma earth.My mum Rosario, introduced me to the practice, she used to practice hatha yoga in the early 70´s in Barcelona when yoga was not popular as it is this days.  

I have a free artistic nomad spirit and i have studied, worked and lived in Barcelona, Madrid, Tenerife, Cádiz , NYC , Toronto, Santiago de Chile, Udaipur (Rajasthan, India), Maldives, Bali and Java, Antwerpen and now i live in the South of Spain

I started teaching yoga after completing the Jivamukti Teacher Training with my foundation teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life in the Omega Center in NY in 2008 while still working for the intrepid advertising and later on cinema industries for more than a large decade.

Later on I was trained by an ex publicist Luis Platón and Michie Kuwasima from Spartner, a wellness consultant company based in Barcelona and later I had the opportunity to direct Spas around the world.

I have been certified in shiatsu and as a body and facials therapist. I also have a 300-hour certification with Jivamukti Yoga, 50 hours with Yoga for Kids Bali, 200 hours with Rodney and Colleen. I  have attended a Raw Food Chef Training in Radiantly Alive, Bali and added a more coaching - author based approach to yoga based on my experience and studies with Marie Forleo (B-School), Gabby Bernstein (Spirit Junkie Masterclass), The Diamond Process Coach Training by Veronica Krestov & Jason Frahm and Baptist de Pape (The Power of The Heart) mentorship.

I am registered with The International Yoga Alliance.

In 2015 I founded WBR Wellness Boutique Retreat, a yoga boutique experience based company focused on leading retreats worldwide. After all this years of experience and due to my love for art and empathy with artists I have positioned myself and serve as Soul Coach for Artists.

My unique method integrate coaching, gentle foodie lover, creative Jivamukti sequences with meditation. I am known for my passion, creativity yet grounding seduction. I also love music, photography, art and cinema.

Marta  exuded a personal warmth and integrity of purpose that was apparent from the first meeting to the last. Anyone wishing to be guided by purposeful hands and a generous spirit would be lucky to find their way to her classes or one of her workshops.

Alex Murphy Senior Mentor IAFT International Academy of Film and Television, Antwerpen, Belgium  

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